Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM – サポートフォーラム 購入する – ¥7,377 (税抜き)

a question about how to tether my iPad to this product [Nokia 8110 4G Dual-SIM - 311452]

I've got very interrested in thie device and tried some googling, finding that this device tethers other gadgets through USB.

Can I connect this handy phone to other devices wirelessly? If the connection is USB-only, is it possible to connect my iPad to the Internet using this cellphone? And how?

This device doesn't support bluetooth therefore you always need to use USB Micro USB 2.0)

Since this model is launcged as an hommage for Nokia's past popular model, it's not expected to tether on ipad.

Therefore we assume this device couldn't tether as you requested.