Nokia 7 plus Dual-SIM TA-1062 – サポートフォーラム 購入する – ¥27,430 (税抜き)

Charger for local [Nokia 7 plus Dual-SIM TA-1062 - 310057]

I am excited and waiting for my shipment of the Nokia 7 Plus.

As I ordered from the .jp site, with a Japanese version of the fast charging brick be included?

Thank you.

We source different version of products (EU version, ASIA verion, UK version etc. ) and we may have several versions in our warehouse at a time within a same model. Please understand that we do not accept any inquiry about which version you will receive and please note that different version may have different accessories inside. Please kindly note that Chinese version product comes with the international firmware, with multiple languages and Google Play pre-installed.