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cannot launch VoiceSignal app using BT headset [Nokia 6682 - 124224]

  • dbikel
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The 6682 has a trial version of the excellent VoiceSignal app, and this app is, in fact, launched when you press and hold the voice button on the left-hand side of the phone. When you use a Bluetooth headset and press its button, however, it merely brings up the poor "voice tag/voice command" system built into the phone's OS at a lower level (i.e., not a full-blown app like VoiceSignal). And there's no way to add a voice command to launch VoiceSignal; you can only add voice commands for the "native" (non third-party) apps on the phone. So, there's no way to press the button on your BT headset and get to the VoiceSignal app; you have to use the button on the side of the phone itself. Bummer. I've contacted VoiceSignal, Cingular and Nokia's tech support centers, and everyone blames someone else. Is there anyone out there who has found a way to launch VoiceSignal using the button on a Bluetooth headset? Btw, I should point out that once you launch the app, whether via the voice button or via the normal app-launching process, it works fine with any Bluetooth headset, since the headset just acts as a conduit for the audio to and from the VoiceSignal application.