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help with downloads please [Nokia 6300 - 143523]

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hi i have had a nokia 6300 for about 3 years now ,but have never downloaded anything .I thought I would try and download a new ringtone for it ,after finding a website ,I have paid for a ringtone and they sent me a text with a code which i entered in there website as requested ,then they sent me another text saying click here to download . this text contained a http address ,the thing is i dont subscribe to the internet on this phone ,so does that mean i wont be able to access the ringtone ,or is there another way of adding to my phone .Sorry if this sounds a stupid question ,but havent done this before .Many thanks in advance tob
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Depends what you mean by dont subscribe to the internet.  Provided you have the settings on your handset and when you click the link it works, you would be able to download the ringtone although there would be a small charge from your network provider for the data you use downloading it.


If you dont have the settings on your handset, you can get them from Nokias website or by ringing your network provider (orange, tmob etc) and asking them to send them to you.