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3315 Not working in France with local Simm - why [Nokia 3315 - 110911]

My wife and I both have 3315 phones about 6 months old from vodafone. My wife's is on pre-paid. She has gone to France and attempted ( at three different locations) to buy a local pre-paid simm. The phone fails to respond to the local simm. She has been told the phone is locked, although vodafone assure me it's not, and also it is not on their list of local compatible phones. Can anyone confirm this? Will my phone work there on global roaming?...She has also been told it is an American model. Will it work in Europe at all?
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Australia uses 900/1800 frequency, same as France. I can only assume that the phone is locked to Vodafone. I also do not think its an American model at they use a different frequency. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
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HI james i think the phone which ur wife have its locked thats why she i not able to use other Local sim, anyway whats the harm in unlockin the phone drop me a mial with the IMEI # and the operator's name and the country i'll try sending u the unlock codes for both ur phone.. cheers HOneyhell
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Your phone may be locked to American or any country network. You need to unlock it and use in France or Europe pay as you go sim.Use unlock code to unlock your Nokia 3315.Find which network,country it  is locked now then get code at and unlock it easily.