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transfer music to 3200 to use as a ringtone [Nokia 3200 - 108361]

  • rhand
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I tried to use PC Suite to transfer mp3's to my Nokia 3200 but it said the phone cannot handle it. There is another option. I need to convert my files to MID and then I am supposed to convert them in PC Suite and tranfer them to my Nokia with my DKU cable. But where can I find free software to do that? Or do I need to change some settings to transfer mp3's to the 3200 and the PC Suite will accept and convert them anyways? Thanks for any response guys!! Rhand
Sorry that I don't know, trying to work that out myself, how to convert mp3 to Nokia format, and put on the 3200 using infrared, so can set it as ringtone. Good luck in finding some software to do it. Glenn