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v3 router reboots endlessly when ethernet plugged in [Netgear WGT624 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router - 110167]

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Hi, I got my Netgear wgt624 v3 router and I think it's refurbished since the serial is missing.

I tried to set up a network with my DSL modem and was able to log into the router and modem to set up as needed. I was not able to get internet access though and I think it is a seperate issue.

 My problem now (it just started) is that when I plug in the router, it either lights up the check mark light (next to the power) or the internet light. I plug in the PC through the ethernet cable and the respective light on the router turns on to indicate a connection. Then the lights turn off (but the power light) and then it resets. And resets. I have to unplug the router to try it again. If I just unplug the PC, it still reboots. It's like my PC is cancer to the router. 


Has any one had this problem? I can't get tech support from netgear w/o the serial. Web searches were fruitless in finding others with this issue. I would love to just be able to just get to the router config page since that would at least be better than nothing.

 Also, I read that the 108Mps routers tend to overheat and cause similar problems. Mine is opened up sitting next to a fan yet still no such luck. 


Any help is appreciated. Thanks