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P2P dropping connections [Netgear WGT624 108Mbps Wireless Firewall Router - 110167]


I have recently setup the a netgear wgt624 v3 wireless router. Currently I have 1 laptop (vista) running wireless + a XP laptop, however I have found that when i run any P2P programs the wireless connection will just drop sometimes after 5 mins other times after 25mins, and I have to reset the router . I have VIRGIN Cable, so the modem is built into the Virgin Setop box. I have disabled the firewall on the router, disabled UPnP and setup port forwarding, etc, however nothing fixes it. if i dont have any P2P programs running it works 100% for hours without problems, so it seems to be only a P2P application issue. I have also changed the concurrent connections to low, and upload speed to about 30kbs.
Hardware Version V3H1
Firmware Version V2.0.16_1.0.1

Is there any settings on the router or Vista that is known to cuase this issue.

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I seem to remember reading about this somewhere as its a problem i had on a different router.  I cant remember the details but i think its something to do with data the amount of data being pushed through the wifi and the number of incoming connections causing it to fall over.  Does it work as normal through a wired connection?


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I will try using the wired connectiion tonight and test it and then ill post back tomorrow.