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NAVMAN not compatible with newes palm desktop? [Navman GPS4460 Bluetooth GPS for Palm - 111055]

  • yositime
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We have a few Palm devices in the family including a T5. We have the T5 palm desktop and hotsync version (6.0.1) loaded on a windows XP home machine, which appears to work fine with my daughter's Zire 72. The NAVAMAN installation fails, however, because the NAVMAN installer cannot save the three SmartST files to the palm install folder. Nothing there to hotsync. Anyone have this problem? I spent a few hours installing NAVMAN on another PC (one with a broken USB but with the Zire version of palm desktop) and then copying the files over to this PC and syncing the Zire. Great, SmartST is now in the Zire and I move on to installing some Maps.... the SD card is successfully initialized... but I get a notice that there is a newer version of SmartST that I must install... @#$%%#. I went back to update the other PC, but It gives me the same versions of the install files and the install maps step continues to fail. What a kludge way to install software, I did not have this problem with several other vendor's products. I have not heard back from NAVMAN support. Any suggestions beside drinking heavily? I would hate to have to go through the effort of removing the T5 desktop and installing the Z72 if there is an easier way. Thanks