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Does anyone know if this is compatible with the new HP Ipaq hx4700? 480x640 screen must surely be the best quality satnav yet... Thanks Pete
According to the Navman site the answer is no. So far (after a few hours of trying) it all seems to work except I can't change map views with the touchpad.
Here's my dilemma. I have the Navman 4420. It's great & works well with my HP4150. However....I've recently purchased a new PDA/phone (all-in-one) to reduce car clutter. I was hoping to replace my PDA & phone with just the single device but.....I've run into a hitch. The SmartST software installs fine but will not allow me to install my maps. I recieve an error message that reads along the lines of.."cannot install maps as they already registerd on another device" etc. Surely navman havn't locked their software like this? I mean what if your device is lost or stolen, or in my case..upgraded? HELP!
Well, I went for it and it appears to all work fine. In fact just upgraded to SmartST v3. Excellent. I too had a problem with touchpad and map view but when I changed from Navpad (mousepointer thing on the Ipaq) to no mouse pointer, the views/zoom/setup screens all work fine with the touchpad.
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Are you saying that SmartSTv3 is working on the iPAQ hx4700? If so is it stable, do you have a good bluetooth connection and what did you do to get it to work.
Yep, I am saying it is stable and more importantly it is a joy to use. The layout of my car is pretty simple. I have my Ipaq to the right of my steering wheel (rhd car) and my bluetooth device (4410) in the centre of my windscreen down near my wipers so it's "view of the sky" is as good as it will get. This also means that the device is not too close to the Ipaq as that can cause problems with the BT signal being too strong. I then installed V3 on my Ipaq (with minimum fuss - the only problem was the standard warning which you get when installing anything on the HX4700 of "Was not designed to display at this resolution do you want to continue?") and took it out to the car to pair up the 4410. Go through bluetooth manager and choose "search for device" with the 4410 turned on and flashing blue twice every second. It will then find a serial connection and ask if you wish to pair and allow the device to connect every time. Say yes to this and it should appear in the list of devices on your Ipaq. Close BT Manager and go into SmartSTv3 and it should ask which device you wish to use. Choose the one recently added to your list (Navman GPS) but tick the "Always Use" box first. It will then load and allow you to enter a destination. If you cannot see GPS activity (it will tell you at the bottom of the screen) then press your left button on the navpad and click the arrow pointing right. You should then see a GPS setup screen. Click this, select Com8, 115,200bps and ensure the box is ticked. Wait for about a minute and you will see the screen change (large green dot instead of red and you'll also get a time reading on the UTC). Ok this and re-enter your destination. Once this setup has been done, it should be the only time you have to do it. Remember to turn on the BT 4410 before running SmartSTv3 and you should be ok. One thing to remember is if, like me you use the Navpad, you must turn it off before running SmartSTv3 (or "v"anything) as Navman relies on the pad being buttons instead of a pointer. Touch wood, my system has never let me down yet. Sorry it took me so long to reply to you - not had access to the forum for a while. P