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Does this phone work in North America? [Motorola MOTORAZR maxx V6 - 139371]

Hey, again. I was just wondering if this phone works in North America, being as it''s tri-band? I am looking for a new phone and this one has it all...except it''s not quad-band. But I was wondering if I could still go ahead and get it and it will still work? I live in Indiana, so if anyone else has one that lives in the North America, please help me out. Or even if you know it works in other parts of North America. Also, I am using Cingular''s service. Please help soon. Thanks.
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The phone itself will work as its triband, but you would need to check with your service provider that they have coverage where you are.
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The Maxx is out in the US. It looks pretty cool! check it out search MAXX

Yes,It's possible.

But your mobile phone is unlocked one to work any Local carrier.If it's locked to some network provider,try to unlock your  Motorola MOTORAZR MAXX V6 before move to outside of your states.If you need phone unlocking service visit  Here you can unlock your mobile phone at low cost.