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Paypal [Motorola Moto X Style XT1572 - 284813]

  • cmmike
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Expansys does not like my credit card's country (weird, but fair enough), but I do have Paypal.

I notice that at least some Expansys regional sites (HK one, for example) take Paypal, so why not US or Canadian ones?  Don't you guys want my money?

  • NateM Staff
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We do accept paypal, but paypal can only be used on in-stock items. If you don't see paypal as an option, it means the item is currently not in stock.

  • cmmike
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I see, thanks!

Do you have any idea when Moto X Style XT1572 is going to be back in stock (preferably black, but doesn't really matter)?

UPDATE: seems to be in stock now, as if by magic.  Never mind me then. :)

  • willaw
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This is in stock, but still does not have PayPal option?