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Front lcd screen is blank. [Motorola KRZR K1 - 139462]

  • Tim_86
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my k1's front lcd screen is blank, and just under the screen it seems to be warm, now i also have issues with this phone were the battery life is short maybe lasts a few hours if lucky then is completely dead were the hhone wont turn on, now im thinking because the front lcd screen is blank and is hot underneath the screen area, there is a short or something? i dunno im gonna take this phone apart soon but has anyone else seem to have this issue? or know why it seems to get warm?
Hi, Yes I am having similar probs, only white screen. Santa tells me I am getting a new phone then but my concern was getting contact details. I eventually downloaded 'Moto contacts tool' and got all data into PC so I could get it into a new phone, the hard way! I can still phone and receive calls, but text etc. is no good.