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Black Screen [Motorola KRZR K1 - 139462]

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I've had my KRZR for about a year and a half and for the past couple of months it had been frequently showing a solid white or black screen when I've opened it, but after restarting it once or twice it would work again.  This past weekend it completely died and all I got was a black screen even when the keypad was lighting it.  I took it into a T-Mobile store and they assured me that it was a software problem and said that if I was willing to have my phone wiped of all numbers, texts, pics, etc. that they could easily fix it.  So I let them and I paid $35 for it.  I picked my phone up last night and it seemed fine, and I spent an hour loading all my numbers again.  This morning, the same thing is happening.  When I open the phone sometimes it's a black screen, sometimes it freezes (white "flashes"), and sometimes the Hello Moto screen just stays on.  If I restart it a few times it'll work for a little while but I'm sure it's just a matter of time before it completely dies on me again.  Before I go back to the T-Mobile store, I was hoping someone here could tell me what the issue might be.  There's definitely no water damage.  Thanks.
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If the software upgrade didnt fix it, then it might be the ribbon between the two parts is coming loose.