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Any good in the car? [Motorola HF800 Bluetooth Speaker - 110320]

  • AliS
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Can anybody confirm as to how clear the audio is if using in the car. I would like to purchase this instead of hardwiring a car kit but obviously would like to confirm that the audio levels are adequate. Many thanks...
  • picasso
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I am using this product and it is truly excellent in the car. It is just loud enough if you place it near you (they advise sun visor, I clip it on the driver side grab handle) and so far have had no complaints from the other end about poor sound or echo. I have tried other so called installation free kits and they are useless. This one is exactly as described and does indeed give 'crisp' sound- the best bit is it is the size of a small mobile and therefore portable and can be used as a speakerphone in the home or office! Hope this helps.
  • stew
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Can anyone tell me if this product will work with any bluetooth phone , mine is NEC 616 , I would appreciate any info . thanks Stew
  • Carrie1
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Would this product be compatible with a Sony Ericsson K700? I am looking for a good bluetooth speaker for the car, something that can be attached to the sun visor or similar. I cannot use anything that plugs into the cigarette lighter as that would mean I couldn't engage 3rd or 5th gears in my car, it would get in the way, and I don't like wearing headsets - so this would seem the solution.
  • pmiller
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The Motorola HF800 is excellent and we have been told by Motorola that the HF800 will work and pair with any Bluetooth handset. Smart Portable Communications Limited W: E: T: 0870 444 5941
  • BillB
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I have a SonyEricsson P900 and this Motorola HF800 to use in the car. The two devices work fine together for a few minutes, I can make and receive calls, but then the hf800 just turns off. I can not make or receive calls without turning the hf800 on again. The hf800 manual says it will turn off after a 3 minutes without a bt connection to another device (to conserve battery). But I do not understand why the phone and speaker are losing their bt connection after a few minutes. Could it be a "profile" issue (handsfree vs. headset --SE P900 only supports heaset profile)?
  • cybernec
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I am having the same problem !! Could anyone pls help us out, because i' m afraid we might have to give up on either HF800 or P900 !!