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recording phonecalls and send them to the office [Motorola A388 - 103529]

Hi, Would it be possible with the A388 to record every phone call and will it be filed so I can send the file to the office. How much time can I record. Can I activate the phone so that it will record automatically every phone call as long it's memory allows. Is it easy to stop the recording by just pushing a buttom, or do I have to stop my car because it's to difficult during driving. By, Ballon Medium Jan Oranje 13-5713140 Holland
Good afternoon. I''m with problem in the my phone call A388. The Screen not is ok during touch in the screen. I would like of help with relation this problem. I did some actions to resolve the problem: 1) turn on e turn off 2) calibrate the screen.. My email is Country - Brazil.. Thanks your support.. waiting your answers..