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why my mouse batteries blew up [Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro v2.0 - 117325]

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I have a Microsoft Wireless Optical Desktop Pro keyboard and mouse and have had them couple of years now. I was working at the computer the other evening and the mouse popped like a gun going off and quick working. If I had not had my hand on the mouse would not have known what it was for awhile. Checked batterys and one had blown a leak on Positive end (Duracell bateries). Needless to say my mouse will no longer work. Has anyone ever had this happen to them before? The more I think about it the more dangerous it could have been!! redtoro
Hi, Today my home telephone, which is like a mobile in that it has caller display and a number directory etc. indicated that the back up batteries required replacement. I had fitted Duracell Ultra batteries to it. When I opened the battery cover one cell was severely corroded, as was one of the contact springs. the housing was also covered in fluid. Needless to say I shant be using their products again. Steve.