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"Waiting for Host" [Linksys WMA11B Wireless-B Media Adaptor - 106750]

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This device has a standard problem confirmed by many internet posts - the unit powers up, connects to the network fine and has 80% + signal strength but just sits there "waiting for host" - it never finds the pc host even though it has the software loaded and is in range. The internet posts do not give any positive news re any fixes being available - it appears to be a random problem. Is there a firmware fix or is the device not fit for purpose ?
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There is only one driver version available (v1.6) which can be downloaded from here. This was released end of last September. Have you tried that ? -- Mahesh - eXpansys
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Try this, 1.Hook up the media adpter to the TV then using the "setup" button on the remote change the ip setting to "Fixed IP" then using the command prompt on your pc ping the adapters ip address. You may need to do this more than once, this will enable you to acertain whether the adapter has been setup correctly. If you don't get the ping reply on WIFI mode, try hard wiring the adapter to the pc. Remember to remove the power cable from the adapter for about 30 secs for the adapter to recognise the ethernet connection. 2.If using windows Xp turn off the firewall using internet explorer-settings, also if using an aftermarket firewall add the media adapter ip adddress to programs allowed access to your pc. This should fix it.
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Now I have this "waiting for host" problem, but I can send and receive packets by pinging the adaptor, so my network is quite happy to talk to the adaptor, but what I have noticed is the "ready" light on the adaptor continues to flash. Should I be questioning this? Windows XP service pack 2 Linksys WRT54GS - Wireless G router Linksys WMA11B - Adaptor I have also visited Linksys website and downloaded the update, just seems to be a copy of what is on the CD rom which came with the Adaptor. Your help in this matter would be trific!
I have to keep unistalling and reinstalling the Linksys WMA11B Wireless-B Media software each time I want to use it, I have downloaded the latest driver, any ideas on this one?
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Use the SP2 fix from Linsys and do not install the .NET framework 2.0 Working for me since i dont have this installed. Took me a long time to figure it out !