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Repeater network with two WAP11's hardware ver 2.6 and firmware 1.7 [Linksys WET11 Wireless Ethernet Bridge - 104086]

  • glennf
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I have purchase a BEFW11S4 and two WAP11's. I have connected AP1 to BEFW11S4 with RJ45 cable. I have entered the MAC address of the first AP1 into the online setup page of AP2; AP1 has the AP only fuction set. I have set the SSID on Both AP's to 'linksys2 smith' and the one BEFW11S4 to 'linksys1'. I have all three on different channels. The router is set to 6, AP1 is set to channel 9 and AP2 is set to channel 11. This configuration improved the signal on the computer that had orginally been low to an excellent signal on the second floor where AP2 is located, but the signal doesn't stay at excellent. I have observed it at excellent for 10 mintues, but hours later the signal goes to very low. Re-booting the computer restores the signal to excellent. Please advise is there a problem to monitor to find out what's going on? Glenn Fulcher
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What do you mean by rebooting the computer? What wireless network cards are you using? I have seen an issue using the following combination and I am intersted to know if you are seeing something similar so I can try to figure out where the source of the issue is. [ WAP11 v1.1 (AP mode) ] --- [ WAP11 v2.6 (Repeater) ] --- [ Orinoco Classic Gold PCMCIA ] The problem that I see is that eventually something goes wrong with the driver or stack on the laptop with the Orinoco machine that only a reboot will resolve. After upgrading the drivers and client manager for the Orinoco card I think things are looking better. I'll report the results after downloading Mandrake 9.2 as a test!