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Pocket PC 2003 and Linksys WCF12 [Linksys WCF12 802.11b Wireless Compact Flash Card - 104082]

  • blizz
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After a painful conversation with Linksys, they still have no current launch date for official UK-spec drivers. Thanks Chaos, That's worked for me too - Tosh e750BT (now with wireless too!) Excellent work.
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Today, the link from the Linksys web site for the new drivers doesnt work. Their help desk says that the beta drivers have been removed and that the latest drivers have been removed - good! So, after some digging, I have found that the best option is to use the belkin drivers!! The file can be found here: In case the link doesn't work, the model number is F5D6060, "802.11b Wireless PDA Network Card." The string to enter when the card is inserted into the PDA & asks you what driver to use is BKF5DNDS.dll Now works fine on my XDAII with the backpack.
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Hi there, by all following previously mentionned steps, I can see the two opposed arrows on the top on my desktop for activating WIFIcard or not. But the "Wireless CF card Monitor" program that comes from lynsys is installed but doesn want to run (it opens for 0.0009 seconds then closes off). I have a ipaq 2210. Other thing I find bizzare is that I dont see any Wireless icon in my "connexions" tab under settings. Will I absolutely need the linksys program or woreless options to access to a VPN network ?
I tried all that an it brings up the icon on the bottom right of my ipaq screen and I get a link light on the card for the first time.. But the whole ipaq just freezes up. I have to remove the battery to restart it, but then it loses all of its settings and I have to start again. Then if I removed and add the card again it unfreezes the ipaq and I can access the config menus but the state just says "Unable to communicate with device driver" there is no light on the card.
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I don't usually post on forums, but I have gathered some pretty valuable information from them. I wanted to thank you for this post on WCF12. I own an IPAQ 2215 and have tried the Senao drivers, the Linksys beta drivers, all of the pieces of advice out there. The beta drivers worked for a couple of weeks, then all of the sudden I could not hold a connection. I tried re-installing them...nothing. No luck at all with the Senao drivers. The link given on the post sends you to a web page written in Chinese. I found them on the Senao site, but they wouldn't activate the signal light on the card. I've been at this off and on for days. The new drivers on the Linksys site claim to solve the problem. I downloaded them and got a broken install, no Activesync portion on the installation. I almost came to the conclusion that this Linksys card simply sucks for Mobile 2003. I guess that I'm too stubborn to give up and buy a new card. Your post saved me. These Belkin drivers work great. Here's the Belkin driver link again and Axelson's instructions: The string to enter when the card is inserted into the PDA & asks you what driver to use is BKF5DNDS.dll After the installation, just a little tweaking of the Network Card settings under Settings/Connections/Advanced Tab/Network Card...check automatically connect to non-preferred networks and for Networks to access: Only access points. Do a soft reset for good measure and you are ready to go for hot spots. Thank you, Axelson.
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Wow!!! Excellent job Chaos! My WCF12 is Really working with my 2215!!! Very cool!! Thanks your helpful note here so much!!!
I installed the Belkin drivers and they SEEM to work. Sometimes.... It's difficult to get a connect. Mostly the card keeps flashing and sometime after a off-on cycle it's connecting. Anyone with the same problem? Ipaq 2210 european model + WCF12 second hand.
You are the man! I also tried the linksys drivers, the beta drivers. other 3rd party etc. The link light would flash and go out. The belkin worked! cool. BTW i tried the linksys dirk talk support on their website through a chat type interface....they are IDIOTS
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I've read many posts about this issue, and finally I have found out, that the Linksys drivers are OK. Download WCF12 - Wireless CompactFlash Card Driver Date : 1/19/2004 Driver File Size : 3.53 Driver Version : 1.1 from here: This download is a selfextracting file named WCF12_011904.exe. Double click on it, and select an install directory. Ensure that Activesync has a connection to your Pocket PC. Run the setup.exe located at %installdir%\WCF12_011904\Utility\WinCE40. It seems like nothing happens on your Pocket PC, but when the installation is finished on your PC, and you put in your WCF12, the green light will start flashing, and then get steady green, and you are up running. No programs seems to have been installed, as pocket pc 2003 has builtin support for wireless LAN, with WEP encryption. Click on the 2 arrows left to the speaker icon, and select settings. Click advanced, and press the "Network Card" pushbutton. Now you can configure your wireless network. Good luck.
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A big "thank you" to bentbuhl for the very helpful advice. I received the WCF12 this morning & installed it as per the guide which came with the device and absolutely nothing happened! Found bentbuhl's advice here & was immediately up & running: thank you very much indeed. Why Linksys cannot update their guide or the CD I don't know but I'm pleased there are people around who are willing to share their knowledge!