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Linksys PSU4 compatibility vs. EPSON CX3200 [Linksys PSUS4 PrintServer for USB with 4 Port Switch - 129816]

The printer is works great most of the time but slows up slower CPU's on win98. The only time it is flaky is after a power failure. A pain. So the Linksys print server seems a good option. No good. My HP855 with a directly connected Hawking parallel print server is also plugged in to the Linksys via Ethernet -works like a champ. Bought it in 1995. I much prefer a parallel port. Downloaded latest Linksys drivers to no Avail. Perhaps I should mention the CX3200 is an "all-in-one" with a scanner and capable of operation without a computer. My choice is to buy a Hawking USB print server or a plain jane HP printer- I just can't find one with decent size ink cartridges.