LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE LG-W200 – サポートフォーラム

Setting : Watch shares number with phone [LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition LTE LG-W200 - 289064]


Has anyone used this setting?

I cannot get to work on watch, incoming call to phone no notification and ring on watch.

Can Expansys explain if this setting is required to gave subscription service with telphone company? I cannot get support in my country yet. This watch is not official launched in my country, is this the reason why it does not function?


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Hi Nelsonhtb,

We need more information to diagnosis your problem. Since the LG Watch Urbane is an Android Wear using the Android Wear app to pair with your smartphone. Can you please check the following

1. Is your phone compatiable with the Android Wear app

2. If your phone is compatiable with the Android Wear, what message did you get after your watch is paired

3. If you find your phone and watch are compatiable and they are successfully paired, but not getting notifications on your watch, please try to visit the official Android Wear Help page about "I’m not getting notifications on my watch"

Hi Derek,

Thanks for reply.

1. I have checked from Android Wear and my phone is compatible.

2. After pairing no abnormal message, phone pairs with no errors.

3. Found out the cause...my phone was in Do not Disturb mode.


Thank you for providing troubleshooting steps.