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Looking for help/support with my LeEco/Letv Le Max x900 [LeEco LeTV Le Max X900 Dual-SIM - 289781]

  • JonnyRRR
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I have 2 problms with this phone which I love by the way, great phobe and don't want  to loose it), but in case they are connected I would like to solve the software compatibility problem first....

During the last EUI update to 5.9 5.9.028S_03265) it seems the original Download Manager version 6.0.1) that was installed at the time of purchase got removed and replaced by Letv LeEco) own version, this worked for a while but has now stopped working and this has caused Google Play to stop working and errors with Goggle Play Services, I am trying to re-install the original Download Manager version 6.0.1 - I think it's from Samsung?) but it will no longer install and the error message points to an incompatible version of Goggle Software, I'm guessing either Play Store or Play Services, can anyone who is running the same EUI 5.9.028S_03265) and still using the original Download Manager 6.0.1) tell me what versions of Goggle Play Services and Google Play Store they have installed and running so I can try and match the versions and try to install Download Manager 6.0.1) again?

Thank you in advance for any help from anyone.