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Installation of Kirrio Palm Navigation [Kirrio Palm Navigation Pack - 111610]

  • amwhiteh
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  • 加入日: 13 9月 2004
I have recently purchased this GPS all installs ok onto the Palm Tungsten E and PC. When I come the use the gps the Palm indicates that the GPS is not there. I have sent it back to Kirrio for checking and they say that it is working fine with their Palm. Does any one know of any tricks or know what I'm doing wrong?
  • thefreak
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  • 加入日: 25 11月 2004
Hi, I'm having the exact same problem, have you found a solution?
  • macfifi
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  • 加入日: 8 1月 2005
Do either of you have an update for this - have just bought this package and having the same problem. Even exchanged the Kirrio nav pack for a new one thinking there might be a fault...still nothing. Just doesn't pick up a GPS signal.
I am having the same problem so would appreciate if anyone has the answer to this issue.
  • leonara
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  • 加入日: 4 10月 2005
How do I install the kirrio?
  • Miri
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  • 加入日: 6 9月 2006
Hi everybody. I have recently purchased a Palm + ViaMichelin + kirrio bluetooth pack. I do not know if it is the same as you have. In my case, I had to connect the Palm and the Kirrio through the bluetooth connection, but I also had to choose bluetooth in the options of the Via Michelin software. Perhaps you have to choose the right kind of connection in your navigation software.