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  • FLee
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I have been looking at a number of webpages regarding the Kane Car Pilot Lux system. Your webpage indicates that a compactflash card and a jacket is included. However, I have seen others stating that an in-car bracket is also included in addition to the card and the jacket. Does the in-car bracket come as a standard accessory in your package? Or is it just the card and the jacket only? Regards, Francis
careful if you buy anything from or ref. kane they are buggy and their cutomer service is pants. me@sat-nav.comremocvespam
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Francis i have just bought a kane sat nav and after 15 days you have to register to get a key the problem is that the internet site and the help line are no longer working so mine is usless ,bewarned if any one knows how i can get a key code please do tell Regards Jeff
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I also have a Kane system that needs an unlock code - has anyone solved this problem since Kane went bust? Regards John