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Compatibility of Nokia 6600 [Jabra BT200 Freespeak Bluetooth Headset - 103891]

  • NickR
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Is there anyone who is having the same problems as me? I can easily pair the phone to the headset, but it will not connect stating that it is unable to create a bluetooth connection, and that the bluetooth handsfree is not supported by Jabra BT200. any help would be appreciated. cheers nick
  • Ron M
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I have just up graded to the 6600 from my 6310 wich worked great with the Jabra BT200. I also cant even get it to reconigise the thing. Dos any one know what bluetooth earpiece works with the 6600? Ron
I am successfully using with my 6600 - the BT200 is the 'new' version which features a sticker on the box claiming 3650 compatibility. Voice dialling also works with my setup.
Hi, mac wheeldon (uk) I've just dropped on this site, so forgive me if I'm doing things out of wack. I have a Nokia 6600 with the latest firmware. I'm using the Jabra BT200. The Jabra works very well with the Nokia but it seems the Nokia firmware does not turn the Jabra onto "Standbyemode" meaning it stays on "Talk-time". The battery goes flat after 4hrs. Jabra say's it down to Nokia's firmware. Nokia say, very bluntly, because I'm using a non Nokia device, hard-lines. Seems there not too happy that jabra's kit is being used instead of there own kit. Has anyone else had this problem, or indeed, doe's anyone know of away around the problem? Cherrs mac.