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i have old vkb now i want to upgrade to btvkb the problems i had with vkb are it didnt have a pound sign and you could not press control/alt/del to get win task manager also i use 2 computers with 1 monitor/keyboard/mouse vkb was unable to toggle between the 2 can anybody tell me if the bluetooth version still has these problems thanx
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yes, the bluetooth version has the same problems. On top of that, in order to switch from one machine using one monitor, would require a KVM (or a re-auth) through bluetooth. KVMs at present require a wired connection of which obviously bluetooth is not. Since the BTVKB can only make one connection at a time to a device, then using it between more than one, would require a reset (easiest through "FN+Shift+B" on the BTVKB and a re-authing to the new machine), sometimes a real pain.