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incompatability issues [iRiver H10 6GB MP3 Player with FM Tuner Neo Silver - 126226]

This unit is supposed to be automatically recognised by any computer running Windows XP. My home PC (Windows XP professional) does not recognise it. My laptop (Windows XP Home) does not recognise it. My friend's PC (Windows XP home) DOES recognise it and I managed to download a couple of albums at her house. However, it is obviously inconvenient to have to keep going round there to download music. Can anyone suggest reasons why my own PCs don't recognise it as I'm beginning to think I have a duff unit. Additionally, it switched itself on the other day and I couldn't power down the unit at all (no it wasn't locked). The only way I could get anything to happen was to take the battery out.
I would recommend speaking with an iRiver product support representative. The should be able to identify the problem. You can contact them at the following numbers: In the USA, 1-800-399-1799 In Europe, you can make your inquiry online at: