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Exporting Business Card Files to Excel [IRIS Business Card Reader II - 110550]

Hi. I am currently faced with the task of entering thousands of business cards into a database to be uploaded onto our Intranet. I'm not happy about it and I am searching for a way to make this an easier job for now and if I have to update clients in the future. I understand that this card reader will update outlook and other various 'Contact' keeping software, however, can I make it update information into excel without a lot of hassel? Thanks, Lizzie
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I'm faced with the same task and am doing research on the business card readers. They seem to be getting so-so reviews. I DID read a positive review on the IRIS from someone who said they had to enter a buh-zillion cards; they said it helped a lot although it wasn't perfect. I'm having a hard time figuring out what card reader would pair up with what software.
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You can copy the cards to Outlook and then you can export it across to Excel or Access. -- Michael - eXpansys