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How to indicate English & Scottish Bank Holidays on Zire 21 [iGo power tip A31 for palm Zire/Zire 21 - 115694]

Having to organise my life between Scotland and England I have been frustrated by not being able to see bank holidays in the calendar. There may be a hidden function in Palm OS to deal with this or perhaps a simple download for 2007, and then for 2008 etc. Having used Palm handhelds for many years I would upgrade to a colour screen model or even a TREO if that function could be somehow included. For your INFO I have just tweeked my calendar in Google to show above bank holidays.
Hi, If you are syncing with Outlook you can choose the option for showing holidays in the calendar there. Simply go to "Tools > Options > Calendar Options". This should bring up a box with a button reading "Add Holidays". Once you've added the holidays and synced your device they should show up there. Kevin Taylor Product Manager Mobile Planet/eXpansys USA