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O2 Exec Bluetooth Car Kit [i-mate JASJAR Pocket PC Phone - 119353]

  • wjmorris
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Please can you suggest a bluetooth car kit that will work fine with my o2 Exec. I am not looking for something fancy, just a basic car kit such as the Nokia CK-1, Parrot 3000, etc. Lots of issues raised on the forum about comaptability and echo noises, etc???
Both the Parrot and Nokia car kits will work with this unit. I-Mate have not yet released a specific unit. They will hopefully by the end of January. Please review the forums for customer feed back for the Bluetooth car kits we sell now. Jane
  • gareth041
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Hi WJ Morris. My name is Gareth and by trade I am a Press Technician for a major car manufacturer. I have fitted a vast amount of car kits and by far the most discreet,easy to synch with and reliable has been the Nokia CK-7W that I fitted to my wife's Mercedes Benz years ago. I do not own an O2 Exec, will be on a free Orange M5000 asap, but have flawlessly synch'd Nokia, Sony Ericsson and Motorola phones to it. The microphone and loudspeaker are that good I can chat to my 3 kids whilst Rachael drives down the motorway at 70+mph. It also has the added bonuses of voice dialing, mainly Nokia, the ICE mute cable and no need to drill any holes in the car. You can get them allover and should pay no more than £60 for one. Hope this is of some use to you. Any problems you are welcome to call me on 07786 863867 (I wont sell you a thing!)
I pair the jasjar with the Sony Ericsson HCB-300 and it works fine, including voice activated calling