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Videos on Google Play not playing [Huawei P30 Pro Dual-SIM VOG-L29 - 316668]

  • MinaK
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  • 加入日: 10 6月 2020

I have P30 Pro, and found that videos on Google Play don't play. Also happens with videos on some webpages.

I was told to clear cache and restart, but it hasn't worked. Is there a compatible issue with some video format or something?

Thank you very much. 

  • kyo19
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  • 加入日: 23 7月 2020

Thank you for this information. Have to edit videos sometimes and online editors help me a lot

Confirm the problems encountered by users and describe their problems in a right manner.

  1. Confirm the time that the issue occurs, and confirm which video can't be played whether a few videos or all videos can't be played).

    If only one video can't be played, there may be problems in the video resource. Advise users to watch the video at another time or watch other videos first.

  2. Confirm whether just one type of video can't be played while other videos can be played properly.

    Users may not be able to watch copyrighted movies such as Hollywood blockbusters and BBC documentaries) with rooted phones.

  3. Confirm whether other Video apps can play videos properly.

    If other apps can't play properly as well, the issue may be due to network failure. Advise users to connect to a different network.

  4. Check whether videos can be played when the phone connects to a different network or when the phone uses cellular data.

    If videos can be played in cellular data or another Wi-Fi, the issue may be due to network problem DNS hijacking or other reasons). Advise users to upload app logs and contact Huawei customer service for assistance.

If all the above scenarios have been excluded, advise users to solve the issue according to the following steps:

  1. Log out of the app, log in again, and try to play the same video to see whether it can be played properly.
  2. Close the app, disable the Wi-Fi, reconnect to the Wi-Fi, and log in to the app again. Try to play the same video to see whether it can be played properly.
  3. Touch Me and go to Settings > Clear cache ). Log out and then log in. Try playing the same video again. Check whether the video can be played properly.