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HTC Wildfire [HTC Wildfire Android Smartphone - 200153]

  • Karen1
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Hi, i have a few questions, before i buy this phone. Im on vodaphone pay as you go, would all the features of the phone work or would i need to change to bill pay?

Also im going travelling around the world soon and will want to take the phone. Will the phone work in any country? And i want to just buy a new sim card in each country i go to, will any sim cards work in the phone?


  • Dan2646
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Firstly yes all of the features would work with this phone. The phone will work in most parts of Europe, Asia and USA and maybe other countries & continents. Also yes, any sim card will work on this phone as it is sim free (unlocked) to any network. Use any card in it you want.



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Google Earth is not working with it I don't know why but I have tried every thing but unfortunately it is not even allow me to download it.
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What version of Android have you got on the phone?

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