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sim2が認識しません [HTC U20 5G Dual-SIM 2Q9F100 - 329422]






Thank you user10195801 for posting the answer; this is very helpful for me. let me translate it for other users' ease of reference.

user10195801 asked: 

I use two au sims and two docomo sims, but sim2 does not recognize either sim1.

#06 I checked in #, I only see one imei.

How does the sim2 side work?

user10195801 clarified: 

Dual sim enabled in system update. The factory firmware does not support it.


There are 4 system updates by mid Feb 2021. The dual sim support came after the 3rd updates.

However, there are still problem with the phone not being able to recognised sms that's saved separately under sim 1 and sim 2 from my old HTC phone.