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HTC touch hd in india? [HTC Touch HD - 173494]

hi my name is harsha.i have a doubt weather htc touch hd if bought from uk will work with the indian country gsm's bandwidth and there wont be any problem of any sorts?? thanks for answering in advance.
India uses the GSM 900/1800 frequency does that mean ht touch hd is compatible with the carriers over here?
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If your carrier has 3G on the 900 band then yes otherwise you will get GPRS/Edge


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yeha 3g facility has not yet come to india so i can only use edge/gprs. Is the quad band only for data connections such as edge.gprs.3g or does it include voice communication also? i have this confusion because europe uses only dual band for voice calls.
Ok then i guess touch hd will work in india.Thanks for sorting this out

HTC TOUCH HD will work in INDIA.But that phone should be an unlocked phone.If it's not an unlocked HTC Touch HD,you cannot use with local GSM pay as you go sim card.Visit the site get unlock code for HTC Toch HD and unlock it from service provider lock easily.I think the GSM bands also support in india.