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Will it work in U.S.? [HTC Touch Diamond2 - 179177]

  • lenguan
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So far I have known that this is only available in Europe and Asia, will it work in U.S.? I heard that it doesn't not have 3G.
  • Step666
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Here are the specs.


then is it work in US???
because i am not good on the feature of phone.


  • javydawg
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No it will not work. that phone has uk 3g frequencies 900/2100.

us 3g is either 850/1900 (att) or 1700/2100 (tmobile). either way it wont work with us 3g.  

  • Step666
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So, apparently a phone that is HSDPA-capable on the 2100MHz band cannot work with a network (T-Mobile to be precise) that offers HSDPA coverage on the same 2100MHz band?

  • eyesbabee
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Yes this phone not work in 3G network USA.Because USA using 3g frequencies are 3G 850/1900, 3G 1700/2100.This phone 3G frequency is HSDPA 900 / 2100/.So it will work in any 2G network in USA.If it is a locked phone you cannot use with other GSM network sim card in USA.You need to unlock it.Visit the site  get unlock code and unlock the phone from service provider lock.After unlock HTC Touch Diamond 2,you can use with any GSM network pay as you go sim in USA.(2G SIM).