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Non genuine stylus received... [HTC Prodigy Stylus - 126514]

Although listed as 'Manufacturer = HTC' , lisitng a HTC part number '74H00504-01M' and the description stating "A replacement for the original Qtek 9100 stylus that comes in the box." my recent order for some of these was very dissappointing. Instead of genuine styluses in a shrink-wrapped foam blister pack I got some cheap nasty knock-offs in a zip-lock bag.

 I've bought these from eXpansys before and still have some unopened triple packs for comparison - the recent ones are shorter, the metal shaft is shinier and the plastic poorer quality. I know I can RMA them but doubt they'll return the postage ( they never do even when I return used goods sold as new - I really should learn eh?) -  I do need some genuine ones though -  as eXpansys run HTC's accessory shop what hope do I have of finding any? And do they know eXpansys are committing a 'passing off' offence?

ho hum.


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You would need to ring sales about this, we dont work for eXpansys so not much we can do...