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Can I get 3G with Rogers sim? [HTC MyTouch 3G - 186060]

I purchased the MyTouch 3G and after hours of trying to figure out how why it wouldn't work with my Rogers Sim and on the verge of sending it back, I finally found that I have to input the Rogers APN settings.  So that is done, I'm in my phone but now all I can get it Edge.  After reading a few forums I have learned that certain carriers networks don't work on certain phones.  I just want to know if anyone can confirm that it is impossible for me to get 3G on the phone being on a Rogers network.

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Rogers 3G network is on 850 and 1900. This phone has standard quad band support for 2G (850/900/1800/1900) but the 3G antenna is only dual band. The American version is 1700/2100 and that matches Wind and Mobilicity's 3G frequency in Canada and T-Mobile in the US. The overseas version (HTC Magic, same phone, different antenna) is 900 / 2100 and those 3G frequencies don't work with any North American carrier.

So no matter what version of the phone you have (it's probably the American one) it doesn't look like it will work on Roger's 3G frequency. For Rogers 3G you want a phone that supports HSDPA 850/1900. Any unlocked phone that runs on Bell/Telus/Fido's 3G network should work. Any unlocked phone that runs on AT&T's 3G network should work too as long as it's not "AT&T Mobility" which is really Cingular Wireless running on different frequency.