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Regular Crashing of iPAQ RX5935 [HP iPAQ rx5915 Travel Companion - 141674]

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Ok so please help.

It starts with the Quick Launch screen not being available when I open/switch on the PDA. I get an HPLaunch.EXE fault code.

Then as time moves forwards the screen fails. By this I mean that the screen goes into what is best discribed as an electrical interferance image. it does not scroll it just gives that image on screen.
The function buttons on the side still operate and I can use my SATNAV as normal off these buttons and the screen is as normal. there is no issue with the screen it scrolls etc as you would expect..

The issue is having to perform a Hard Reset every other day and then re-synch the entire device!

Is there a fix? Is there such a place as a drop in centre? How can I stop from throwing it out of the Bl**dy window??

Please Help



If you have performed a hard reset (complete reinstall)  then I would say this is more down to hardware.  Have you still got warranty left on the product?  I had HP repair my iPAQ hx4700 some time ago and the repair was impeccable.  It was collected and returned at HP's expense, ironically to a repair centre which is 4 buildings up the road from my office.

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