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Bluetooth problems [HP iPAQ h6340 + Anytime 200 + Free Weekend Calls - 118277]

  • dnikola
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Once I activate my ipaq bt I cannot see or be seen (I got all proper settings) other bt devices. Why? Is something wrong with my ipaq? It's a brand new. For the record, I bought it 24 Sep 05 and on 21st Oct 05 I shipped (within warranty)it to Netherlands HP Service Office because it performed hard reset by itself. HP Service has been replaced its motherboard and since now performing ok, except bleutooth connections. Do I have to do something else other praying to God? Help help F1 help SOS Help ...---... Houston we got problem!!!1
I've had the same problem; paired the devices and they worked fine until the IPAQ decided to do it's own hard reset, and now bluetooth won't recognised ANY other devices.