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extended card cover? [HP iPAQ h2210 Rugged Case - 109538]

Hi, is the extended card cover included in this? If your unsure it is part 1 listed on this page: http://www.humanedgetech.com/manuals/ipaq/quickspecsruggedcase.htm It is a bit like the otter scanner pod (without the CF jumper obviously). If so, is it big enough to fit a socket CF scan card?
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The HP Rugged Case is supposed to also cater for the h2210 - but it doesn't! There is a supplied PDA sleeve specifically for the h2210 but when used the data/power cable can not be fitted through the case! Further, the instructions quite clearly state that the case can be locked by using the stylus to turn the lock - it doesn't fit! Overpriced and totally unsuitable - there is a case under the sale of goods act for which HP must be liable - total CRAP! BEWARE

I would not say it's crap that's a bit strong, but i have a had one for many years now and mine today broke, the latch that holds the sleeve in place and also the back cover snapped, but that was inevitable due to the very thin section; in effect it was designed to fail. :(  

I have PM HP on Facebook for a response > as i am a Senior Mechanical Production Engineer and know a little bit about product design and materials technolgy. The other jobs i have held are Customer Support Representative and i also trained as a Quality Control Engineer, so i am not going to be an easy customer for HP to deal with i can assure you of that!

The word rugged should mean just that, i can't remember how much i paid for it but it was not cheap as HP products were not back then when PDA's ruled the roost.

At least it was not "Made in China" but a poor desigh is just that and will eventually fail > it's not what i expected from HP.