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Does it accept normal sd/mmc cards? [HandHeld Entertainment ZVUE MP4 Video Player - 113107]

  • sco2001
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If it does, whats the limit in terms of mb and how many minutes would that let me record on it? Also, if an episode of a tv show like simpsons is 200 mb on my pc, does that mean it will be 200mb on the zvue or is there some sort of conversion that gets the file size down? One more thing is this the mp4 version-i know it says it is but on the official website the non-mp4 version is 99 while the mp4 version is 135 and it just seemed like too much of a conincidence.
  • Michael
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Yes, it can a accept normal SD/MMC cards. I am not sure whether the zvue compresses the file or just leaves it as it is. -- Michael - eXpansys
  • Patrick
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Yes we only sell the MP4 version. Patrick