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Is this battery compatible with GZ-MG505? [Hahnel HL-733M for JVC Camcorders - 136449]

There seems to be some sort of 'code' that JVC use in their batteries, and a lot of web sites selling alternatives to the BN-VF733 say 'not compatible with MG505'. Can you please confirm (yes or no) if this Hahnel brand will work with the MG505 camcorder? (days later) Any chance of a reply please Expansys?
i have ordered one from expansys as they are showing it compatible with mg505 my camcorder arrives tomorrow aswell 18/08/06 will let you know how i go on. ps expansys if the battery does not work will i get a refund as your website shows compatible. thanks
Cheers gaz. Shame Expansys didn't answer the question.
the battery is not comapitble i have ordered and cancelled it never collected it spoke to mathew he would return back to stock and issue refund check out http://www.hahnel.ie/index.cfm?action=displaybatterygroup&mbid=203
It's a pity you didn't get to try it because it would be interesting to see exactly HOW it's not compatible. e.g. does it fail to work at all, or is it just an issue with the data display? I suspect it's the latter and I could live without the data display when the JVC originals are so expensive.
i dont know if its a compatibilty issue or what but it wont be too long before someone brings one out similar i thought the mg77 used the same battery system as the mg505
just to let your know the battery does not work in a mg505 or mg77 i went to a shop in birmingham and tried it . the hahnel battery fits perfectly when you switch the power on it says communicating with battery and then says battery error and the unit powers down and every time you do that it does the same so you have to use expensive jvc own branded batteries groovdj email me because i have found something out my email is commando75@ntlworld.com