GNS 5840 Bluetooth GPS RDS/TMC Receiver – サポートフォーラム

Is TMC free-to-air, or subscription? [GNS 5840 Bluetooth GPS RDS/TMC Receiver - 125111]

I've read the links to RDS/TMC info and get the impression that TMC is a subscription-based service. Yet I have also been told that it is "free-to-air". What's the correct position, please? In particular, I'd like access to the ITIS traffic info - is this one of the feeds into the GNS 5840 TMC service? (I'm intending to use this with Destinator PN Pocket PC software).
No response on this forum, so I asked GNS: they say (extremely prompt reply!): <quote> The GNS receiver 5840 works well in UK. The unit receive all TMC signals ( free and pay TMC ). The used software have to decode the received traffic informations ( not the hardware). <endquote> So I've moved this query to the Destinator PN forum in the hope that someone there knows the answer!