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GPS settings for M800 using tomtom6 [Glofiish M800 - 158066]

  • Nosh
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Can anyone please help about configration of external GPS settings and Tomtom settings? It was worling perfect before but when I installed OS 314 ROM update, and installed tomtom 6, it says no GPS device found? Could anyone tell what are the settings for GPS. Thanks..Help neeeded.

  • Yoni
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Try these settings.

GPS External settings: COM4 for programs, COM2 for hardware with a 9600 Baud, and the automatic box checked on the final page.
TomTom settings: "Other NEMA GPS reciever" 57600 baud rate; "GPS Device".

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  • FlashNix
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Thanks, works fine ! Tested with TomTom7.