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SD card problem?!? [Glofiish M600 Pocket PC Phone - 126907]

For some reason i cannot write data to my sd card, at first i thought it was the sd card and i got another one from work to see if this was the case, but its the same problem, i have a 1GB sandisk ultra 2. I cannot write programs or save any work to it, nor will my media player sync my music to it. My e-ten keeps saying 'cannot move is write protected' all the time, but i check and it isn't. I know there is nothing wrong with the card as that works fine on my card reader on my pc! anyone have any suggestions? thanks in advance
Have you tried a hard reset? Could be a corruption with the software controlling the card device.
my eten recognizes the card, and does show up on on the device, hard reset is going to be my last resort.
I can't honestly think of it being anything else. If it were write protected, you'd not be able to write to it on the PC and you say above that you can. If the card were faulty you wouldn't be able to see it at all, in either machine. Sorry I can't suggest anything else.
I will try a hard reset tonight and let you know. many thanks
Sorry it's come to this...
ok now i am baffled to say the least. I have just done a hard reset, and bam....same problem?!?!? my music won't sync on media player, so that i can transfer it to my m600.....
That's very strange indeed. What if you wrote the music to the card on the PC then read it on the eten? Does that work?
Yep that works fine. It might be one of the programs on it, i have pocket informant and resco utilites, so i will go through them properly to check for any changes.
ok, did a hard reset, and still the same problem, i can't write nor transfer to my sd card. There is nothing wrong with cards as they both work fine on my pc and to make sure i tested them at work as well and they work fine........can only wait so long before i start pulling my hair out :(
ok i flashed my eten to the latest firmware, but still it wont write to my sd card, it says sd load fail?
Sounding more and more like a hardware fault. Sorry to hear about that. Forum Search DON'T be afraid to use it!