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Hi -- anyone here? [Glofiish glofiish X500+ Pocket PC - 150556]

  • garyo
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  • 加入日: 3 8月 2007

I just got my new Glofiish x500+; it's beautiful!  I have lots of questions since it's my first Windows Mobile device; I've been a Palm person for the last 10 years (I had an original Palm Pilot even!)

-- Gary 

  • JamesCSW
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  • 加入日: 3 9月 2007

Just got my X500+ was a bit disappointed when I didn't get the "Tom Tom 6 - UK" as told by the "sales" when ordering.

Also having problem installing software from the supplied CD, it keep asking me to install Flash even after installed successfully.

Any advise??

  • JamesCSW
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  • 加入日: 3 9月 2007

Managed to get it working on another PC, but now I have a big problem.

Its been a while since I first used it and I forgoten my password and I didn't write it down.