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Hardware on/off switch? [GlobalTop HG-100 Bluetooth GPS + HUD Speedometer - 162308]

I am looking for a bluetooth GPS that can be configured not to turn off after a period of inacctivity, but instead will stay on maintaing GPS lock for as long as power is supplied, and if power is lost will turn on as soon as it is restored.

That way, I can install the GPS in an out of the way location, and not have to worry about reaching to switch it on, and if the power consumption is low enough, I can leave it permanantly powered so that I don't have to wait for it to get a lock before the start of a journey.

Can this GPS be configured to operate in this mode? or can your recomend one that can?


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Not something we stock, but Rikaline do a unit with ignition sense. 

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The navman b10 ( £19.95) or Socket Mynavigator ( £22.95)  (both sadly out of stock! ) have hardwired on/off switches so you can leave them 'on' and they'll wake up with the car's ignition if wired properly - be careful as VW group cars for instance never kill power to the cigarette lighter so you could end up with a flat battery. Other's have this feature and it's usually mentioned in decent reviews.