GIGABYTE TV Tuner Module for U60 – サポートフォーラム

no socket for aerial! [GIGABYTE TV Tuner Module for U60 - 153678]

This product provides no method for plugging in an external aerial, a serious oversight, especially if you actually wanted to use it to watch tv!


Update, this is also not a gigabyte product, some obscure manufacturer called Costar. (another misleading claim on this site)

The software comes on a cheap cd-r with a basic paper label and the great idea of sticking the license key on the disk (another label).

The initial plugging in of this device resulted in a file not found error (and a real obscure location which I am assuming relates to the factory install of the OS, the file in question is on the device in windows/system32/drvcache (or similar)

The help file included is not relevant to the software (a few editions out of date I am guesing as there are only one or two tabs not included) and it will not scan the channels, the scan option remain greyed out constantly. I originally assumed this was because the supplied telescopic aerial was not sufficient (they usually arn't on such products) and in the absense of a socket to plug my aerial on the roof to test it I took it on a trip to Rivingtont (line of site and only a mile or so from Winter Hill, the main TV transmitter in my area) still nothing.

So I do not know if this is a hardware or a software problem, and I no longer care as I am returning the lot, the U60, the docking station and tv tuner.

Edit 2:

I downloaded and tried Media Portal:

This software tells me that it can not detect a tv card, so I still do not know if the device works, it could be a driver problem (I have downloaded the driver from the gigabyte site) I can not find a Costar site that relate to the device, and the C&E DTV software site (the software that was bundled) is useless:

At this time I would advise against buying this product.