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Problem with rebooting [GIGABYTE g-Smart i Pocket PC Phone - 136855]

  • kpatel86
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  • 加入日: 9 4月 2007
I jus recently bought this phone and when my browser began to freeze up on me i decided to reboot the device like it said on the manual using the send+end+power buttons and now it will not even go past the opening screen which displays gigabyte does anyone have any info on what to do?
  • herkimer
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  • 加入日: 15 4月 2007
I have the same problem. I entered "engineering mode" and set the boot to the 3rd option (OS launch). I''m assuming what I need to do now is run the hard reset and then the rom loading utility. I tried the hard reset twice and it finishes without rebooting. Is there anyone here who can verify/clarify this procedure? Thanka
  • mastr
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found some useful info at, they say you need to leave the device for about 30 minutes without the battery, then turn the phone on.